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And we disclaim any purpose other than toilet, use the (ones that are used cleverly-urinal piss western style), you become used as a simple storeroom floor flat. 
Function as a surprise since there is no toilet accidentally disconnect the toilet fixtures. 
Construction sites, etc. into and out of the contents of an easy tool will come in handy on less installation space yet strong and durable to shock. 
In some situations the size and the field is often need to be and warehouses for the simple put tool larger, etc. road construction a large measure the efficiency of work by placing the insert tool for every constant distance It will be possible. 
Was let me give an example of a road construction as an example, is basically a “box of durable 100% polyester.” 
As soon as you say and how to use your customers. 
Applications, etc., our sales offices please consult.

Specifications are also available as a toilet for disaster. 
For more information page of the toilet for disaster please visit.



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