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Although it is not flush toilet, the toilet because each tank has its own water tank and the tank bottle, you can shed the excrements. It uses a foot-operated pump called “Hinoretto” In this case, this pump is poured into a toilet bowl cleaning water of about 200 ~ 250cc with one stroke. 
Hinoretto is not an expression pedal, foot pedal directly to the pump like a normal foot pump.Simple structure convey to pump directly the power of the foot, we have well received also as an object for holding company of like rental companies also less trouble because it is easier to structure than an expression pedal that uses the principle of the lever. (Type urinals, western style is. Has adopted the expression pedal from structural reasons) 
ease of maintenance such as cleaning does not change with the flush toilet, can also be used as toilet permanent as well as temporary toilets.

Frozen water in the region, such as cold area would, in winter, the product of the option by the combination you have access, easy to clean than toilet water washing of the expression. 
To prevent the freeze of rinse water to prevent freezing and low tank heater for freeze protection for cold regions, in the tank flights will use the liquid deodorant containing material, such as anti-freeze.


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