Nhà vệ sinh di động NB32

Xuất xứ: Nhật Bản

Is a non-flush toilet of an expression. 
Does not choose the location because it does not require water and sewer facilities.

In the toilet of the expression was washed with water and a simple formula washing must be done regularly and maintenance check of the mechanism of flow of water, in the case of a formula washing simple, check the amount of wash water in addition to Kumitori checks and bath stool You will need to add depending on the amount of work remaining, non-rinsing formula is available to efficiently and parks that are managed in such need, only a small number of checks and Kumitori flight tank.

The picture is something of Japanese-style toilet, making it look and feel of a Western-style toilet as well.

To inquire about the interior and western style toilet, squat near you office to thank you.

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